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(FYI, 10% of sales are going to the wonderful children’s literacy non-profit, “Reach Out and Read.” Yippee and Thanks!)

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Howdy. If you're looking to touch base with either Ted or Pete for almost any book-related reason, feel free to leave us a message using the form below. Maybe you are from the press (like a major network or talk show, or equally-important local paper) and you need an interview, or more details for your totally-glowing article. Or maybe you run an independent bookstore (our hero) and want to schedule a Ted or Pete-signing/reading. Or perhaps you'd like to arrange a Ted-visit to your child's school. Or it could be that you just need to shower me and Pete with compliments about how well-loved and effective "Night-night, Body" is at bedtime in your house... Whatever, we'd love to hear from you.

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