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Sleep Tips for Every Body (especially kids')

Sleep. It's a BIG DEAL. (Just ask Pete, I mean Dr. Gergely!)


No, sorry. Sleep is not just a BIG DEAL. It's a REALLY BIG DEAL, for EVERY BODY!

What does getting a good night's sleep do for you?

  1. It makes you happier.

  2. It makes your brain sharper and more alert.

  3. You remember stuff better and focus better, and get better grades! Cool!

  4. Your muscles work better too, like at recess games and sports.

  5. You bounce back from disappointments faster.

  6. We don't get sick as easily—like getting a cold, or feeling depressed.

  7. You grow taller. Really! (Pete guarantees it!)

(This list works for grown-ups too, by the way.)

What if you don't get a good night's sleep almost every night?

Sure, some nights we don't sleep very well. We're excited about something that's happening the next day. Or worried about something, or we're sad. But the next night we are usually back to snoozing like we normally do.

But what if you regularly don't get enough sleep?

Smart you. You have already guessed. It's pretty much the opposite of the list above.

  1. We get grumpy and moody way more easily.

  2. Our brain feels slower, like it's filled with cotton balls.

  3. We forget things we knew well, and we can't remember stuff we just learned.

  4. When we play sports, we feel slower, and we run slower too.

  5. We carry disappointments around much longer.

  6. Our physical and mental health suffers. We get sick more easily.

How much sleep is enough sleep?

Doctors (like Dr. Pete, the super-cool illustrator of this book) will tell you:

School-aged children (5 to 12 years old) need 9 to 12 hours of sleep each night. But many children get only 7 to 8 hours per night—sometimes even less. That's sad.

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