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Sleepy Teachers And Parents

Fun Ways to Extend the Book

Looking for ways to extend Night-night, Body in your class or around the dinner table? Here are just a few (well, 21, so far…) questions we came up with…

Ask your kids some questions like these:

(These first six are taken directly from the back of the book. You probably noticed, you smarty pants.)

  1. What do you and your family always do at bedtime? Do kids around the world do the same bedtime things as you, do you think?

  2. Do you usually have a bedtime story? Do you share your cozy-wozy bed with a brother or sister, or a favorite stuffed (or real!) animal?

  3. What are your favorite bedtime stories (besides this one, of course!)?

  4. Where would you like to visit (and sleep!) in the world someday?

  5. How many kids, grown-ups, and stuffed (and real!) animals can you count in this story? (See Ted and Pete’s answer below!)

  6. Do you have any ideas for stories that you could write and illustrate? What a silly question. Of course, you do! Well, get busy!

  7. Do you think sleep is important for our bodies? Why? Or why not?

  8. What happens to our amazing bodies when we are sleeping?

  9. Do you remember your dreams when you first wake up?

  10. What do you usually dream about? Are they good or bad dreams? (If you have bad dreams, it’s important to share them with someone you trust.)

  11. Why do you think we have dreams, anyway?

  12. Maybe you and your friends (real or imaginary ones) can put on a play, with all the body parts talking to each other! Would they be kind, or maybe mean? Would they argue, be bossy, maybe very silly? Try to use a different voice for each body part! Which body parts would have the lowest and highest voices?

  13. Do you think animals dream? (My dogs used to play tag with squirrels when they dreamed. At least that’s what they told me.)

  14. Could a person ever be so tired that they could fall asleep while standing up?

  15. Do any animals sleep while standing up?

  16. What can we do to help other kids (and there are lots of them in the world) who go to sleep hungry?

  17. Can you draw a picture of your bed and stuffed animals? You can? Cool!

  18. How do sleep scientists find out what happens in our brains when we are sleeping?

  19. When you are really-really-really tired, do you have any tricks for staying awake? Maybe watch a scary movie?

  20. In some places in the world, grown-ups all take naps in the middle of the day. Why do they do that?

  21. Last question (for now): Can you think of any good questions that we can add to this list? Maybe you could send them to Ted HERE!

*Ha! Thanks for your patience. I bet you’re here to see what Pete and I found as answers to Question #5 above. Did you count, too? Carefully? I hope so.

Here’s what we counted:

Kids: 88! (I know, that’s a lot! Some are hiding well!)
Adults: 45
Not-alive animals: 34
Real animals: 49

If you didn’t get the same numbers as we did, you’d better count again! If you got more than we did, let us know how wrong we are. Send us an email HERE.

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