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Z'Up, Ted?

Ted Q: Hi, Ted! Z’up?
Ted A: Hi, Ted. All is extremely cool. Thanks for asking me, me.

Ted Q: Did you sleep well last night?
Ted A: I did. Can you guess why?

Ted Q: Hey, I’m asking the questions here. OK… Why?
Ted A: Because I read “Night-night, Body” every night, just before turning off my body, brain, and light.

Ted Q: Nice rhyme, man. Wait, you read your book every night? Doesn’t it get boring?
Ted A: Yes. No.

Ted Q: That’s not enough of an answer, Ted. Your readers need more.
Ted A: Okay, Ted. Yes, I read our book every night. (Or almost every night.) No, It's not boring. Here’s the deal… Even though I’ve read our book two bazillion and two times, I still love making it the very last thing I do every day. It works every time—sending me right to Snoozeville.

Ted Q: What’s the sleepy secret of the book?
Ted A: Several secrets actually. First, I wrote the story text like a smoothly flowing poem, to gently bounce and slide me all over the world. Next, there’s something magical about talking directly to your body parts and giving them permission to ‘turn off’ for the night. Finally, Pete’s gorgeous and fun paintings always make my whole body smile and relax.

Ted Q: Wait. Even your toes smile?
Ted A: Yes, they do. Don’t yours?

Ted Q: You are definitely weird, Ted.

Ted A: Thank you, Ted. I’ll take that non-question as a compliment.


Ted Q: So, what’s Pete’s secret?

Ted A: You’ll have to ask him, but here’s my opinion. His art reflects his fun, curious, thoughtfully-playful personality. His love for all kids—like himself, and like me—comes out in his art and work, and always makes you smile. He brings out the very best in others, like me.

Ted Q: How did he have time to do all these cool paintings? Isn’t he a doctor?

Ted A: Yes, he is. I will never know how he pulled it off. It was a miracle. And magical. I knew it would be. He’s amazing.

Ted Q: Be honest now, Ted. What were the problems that you and Pete had working together?

Ted A: Wow, you ask tough questions, Ted. Okay, yes, there was one snoozy-big problem. It's the same problem I find when I visit him at his house. Pete is a total New York night owl. He's much younger than I am (by a couple of months) so, I guess he needs less sleep. He works late. He eats late. My body is screaming, "I'm tired. I can't stay up any more. I have to get up early!" So, sometimes it was hard to find good times to talk about book stuff. Even on the phone. But we worked it out, as good friends always do.

Ted Q: Whose idea was it to ‘go global’ and take the reader around the world?

Ted A: Pete’s. We both feel strongly that we all need to broaden our understanding of others so that we can better care for each other and this precious earth home. So, together we picked countries that are scattered across the globe. Readers can find even more about all these countries in our book right here on this awesome website of ours.


Ted Q: How can website visitors buy your book?

Ted A: Oh, I love that question! They can click this link. Wait! But not until they finish reading this awesomely interesting interview. (Or, even better, they can order “Night-night, Body” from their local, independent bookstore. They need our help and money.)


Ted Q: I see you are yawning, Ted, so here’s a final question. Are you and Pete working on a sequel to “Night-night, Body”?

Ted A: Yes, indeed. I’m writing a new book that celebrates the other end of the sleep cycle—mornings!  Hopefully Pete will find the energy and time to illustrate it.


Ted Q: Oh, wait! I forgot the most important questions—two more, please, please!

Ted A: Okay, but these had better be good.


Ted Q: They are. I’ll combine them: What is your favorite color, favorite food, and favorite place in the world?

Ted A: That's three, Ted. Wait, did you say favorites, plural? Good. My favorite colors are summer-sky-sunset blue, fall-maple-tree orange, and eye-popping-popsicle pink. My favorite foods are chocolate, Thanksgiving turkey with gravy, and chocolate. And my favorite place in the world… oh, that’s really hard… Okay, it’s visiting with friends, dancing with my pencil while writing a poem at my desk, riding my bike, standing on a Vermont mountaintop I just climbed, and sailing in a sailboat--any of those things, and anywhere with my family.


Ted Q: Sorry, but I have to ask this one. Your fans will want to know. How old are you, Ted?

Ted A: Oh, I’m so glad you asked that one, Ted. I have two ages. Really, I do. On the outside of me I’m only 68, but on the inside I’m 8, because that’s how old I am when I’m writing poems and stories.


Ted Q: Thanks for your time, Ted!

Ted A: You’re very welcome, Ted!

Yes! It's an interview with the author by the author (of the sleepiest and best bedtime book ever).

Yes, you read that right. Ted decided to ask himself some very interesting questions about himself and his amazing book, “Night-night, Body.” He sure learned a LOT from and about himself!


Are you ready? Okay. Fasten your seatbelts. Here we go!

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