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(FYI, 10% of sales are going to the wonderful children’s literacy non-profit, “Reach Out and Read.” Yippee and Thanks!)

What's the Buzz...?

Reviews of "Night-night, Body" are screaming in from all over the galaxy!

Here are just a few:

"A sweet and beautifully illustrated book. I so wish I could write a blurb that was equal to its charm. Watch for this book to fly off the shelves."

- J. Patrick Lewis, the dean of American children's poetry

“With a gentle poem to lull the body to sleep and dreamlike illustrations, Night-night Body is a picture book meant to wind children down for bed… a soothing bedtime tale parents and children alike are sure to appreciate.”  

- Blue Ink Reviews, 2022

“Mesmerizing and sweet, the picture book Night-night, Body sends each body part off to sleep in rhyming and communal form.” – Forward Clarion Reviews (Rated 5 of 5!)

"I LOVED this book. This was one of the truest examples of a great children’s book I have received. The watercolors are fantastic and remind me so much of books I read as a child. I love all the different illustrations of children going to sleep all over the world. It just makes you think about how much diversity there is in the world. The story reminded me of my high school gym class when we had a yoga unit. We would do meditation while the teacher would tell us to close our eyes and picture each body part one by one and try to feel nothing. Slowly our feet would be gone, then our legs, then our arms, shoulders… It truly works, as I did fall asleep in class. If you read this book nice and slow and have your kids do the same thing, they should be able to fall asleep." - Kid's Picture Book Reviews, 2022


The Children's Book Review - 2022

"Sometimes, it can be hard to get to sleep, but the trick is to put your whole body to bed, from your wiggly toes to your whizzing, whirring brain. As you relax each body part in turn, you'll start to feel your eyelids drooping and your mind slowing down until you are ready to slip away to the land of sleep and dreams.

Using a progressive relaxation technique common to meditation practices and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Night-Night, Body walks readers (or, more likely, listeners!) through the stages of relaxing each part of their bodies. The soothing and rhythmic text calms readers or listeners and readies them for sleep. At the same time, beautiful, glowing watercolor illustrations transport the reader around the globe for a peek at how other bedtimes differ.

Discussion prompts at the end of the story encourage readers to think about diversity and sleep at a deeper level—once they've woken back up, of course. The book also has a companion website with additional sleep support resources and activities for parents and kids.

Beautiful to look at and listen to, Night-Night, Body is one of the best bedtime read- aloud stories of recent times."

From the MidWest Book Review, 2022

“Night-night, Body represents a picture book synthesis of rich watercolor illustrations by Pete Gergely and a rollicking rhyme by Ted Scheu that brings to life a journey through body parts. All of them must fall asleep to contribute to the total effort.


As each body part is addressed, young sleepyheads receive a gentle rhyme that encourages them to relax their own body parts to achieve the goal of sleep: "Night-night, muscles/in my shoulders/round and proud as mountain boulders."


Parents looking for a bedtime read that combines lovely drawings with admonitions that can be used to help kids both learn anatomy and pay attention to their process of relaxation will find Night-night, Body the perfect item of choice for encouraging snoozing.


A sense of whimsical inspection accompanies many of these admonitions: "Night-night, mouth./Please close your doors./And tell your tongue, no growls or roars."


The result does more than invite kids to sleep. It educates them about relaxation skills in a manner parents will find delightfully interactive, and is highly recommended as a read-aloud for youngsters who resist the idea of bedtime.

                                                D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, 2022

And a few more:

"Ted and Pete are brilliant. This book knocked me out. My best sleep in years!"
- Prof. Timmy T. Ticklesnoozer, PhD., Snooze U.

"My kids and I were well on our way to dreamland by the final beautiful page. I can think of no sleepier praise for this book."
- Dr. Petunia P. Pipplesnore, Editor, "The Snore Report"

"Kids will really hate this book. Parents, not so much. Sleep is nearly instantaneous by the end…"
- Snoozanna S. Somnolent, President, Sleepyheads Anonymous

"That lady is totally right. I really hate this book! When I want to stay up late, it sends me right to sleep. No fair! Pete and Ted are the worst! I hate them!"
- Danny S. Drowsee, 3rd Grader, New York City, NY (the city that never sleeps!)

"I love this book! It shuts my noisy-nosy little brother right up so I can Instagram with my friends all night. ‘Night-night, Body' is awesomely soporific!" (I learned that last word in Language Arts class today!)
- Nevah M. Drowsee, Grade 7. (Danny's sister.) NYC, NY

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