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(FYI, 10% of sales are going to the wonderful children’s literacy non-profit, “Reach Out and Read.” Yippee and Thanks!)

What's on Your Sleepy Mind?

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Do you have a super-curiously-snoozy question for Ted or Pete that's keeping you awake? Well, put down Ted and Pete's amazing book and ask your parents to help you send a message to Ted by email. Wait! Do it in the morning, for heaven's sake. You need your rest.

If your question is for Pete, Ted will send it along to Pete. Not to worry.

Will he get back to you right away? He'll do his very-very-very best, as he always does, but remember, he might just be sleeping. Or writing his next amazingly-cool picture book. Or riding his bike. Or eating cereal with extra milk. Also, remember, that Ted can't, by law, have a long email friendship with you, as fun as that might be. But he will do his snoozy-best to answer your burning question, so you can get back to reading "Night-night, Body" and then zooming to Snoozeville.

Send Ted a question (or a rave review, too)!

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